Good News and Early Access Details

Thank you for dropping by and checking out the progress of the Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 2 Project. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe given the recent circumstances.

As we’re approaching the end goal of the patch release, I thought I should give a quick update.

Good news on Progress

On a positive note, the technical issues last year have already been fixed and dealt with. A huge thank you to the 2 volunteers who assisted with the technical side of the project!

I am currently working on finishing the final checks on the patched game running on the actual PSP hardware. The final sprint is said to be the longest, but I do not foresee it taking too long, as I have been “sprinting” for some time now.

Please look forward to a release sometime this year!

Site Migration

I will be migrating away from this current web domain within the next few months. This should take place after the patch release. Many thanks to the kind site owner who has hosted me for all this time!

Early Access (Partial Patch) Details

As teased at the end of the “purchase a digital version Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP” post, there will be a short period (few weeks) of early access to a partial patch, containing approximately 70% of the game’s content in English.

This is meant as a bonus for those who have bought the original game in some form or another. If you would like to participate but do not own a physical/digital copy, please consider doing so using the link above.

For interested participants, please continue to read this post to sign up for this. You can do this now, but replies will be sent out in waves.

Early Access Registration Process

  1. Send an email expressing interest to participate in the early access
    • Subject: Participating in Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 2 Early Access
    • Email address:
    • In the contents of the email, list down whether you will be verifying using a physical/digital purchase.
    • Do not include any photos/videos at this time, this will cause your email to be automatically filtered and removed from the inbox.
  2. Upon receiving a reply, prepare proof of purchase and identifying yourself
    • Digital purchases of Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP from PSN
      • Provide a photo that shows the purchase receipt email sent from PSN with the subject “PSN℠購入明細” as well as your username/email written on a paper.
        • Details like “商品詳細” “俺の妹” “ご利用日時” must be visible. Feel free to omit other information for privacy information.
    • Physical purchases of Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP
      • Provide a photo that shows the game’s packaging/UMD as well as your username/email written on a paper.
  3. Send the proof of purchase according to the instructions listed in the reply.
  4. You will be notified near the start of the early access if your submission is verified to be successful

Thanks for reading up to the end of this post! I know it’s been a long wait, but we’re almost there!

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And now the wait for Disc 2 continues.


Hey Dizzy Ziddy, I didn’t know where exactly to message you. but are you still doing the early access release. cause I’ve been waiting for quite some time. but I didn’t receive any emails for it. Sorry for the late reponse.


Thank you very much for your work!

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