A Long Overdue Status Update

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, especially for those who only keep track with the project website. I hope to address some questions that have been asked and hopefully give as much information as possible.

Is the Oreimo Tsuzuku PSP Disc 2 project dead?

No, currently it is down to mostly technical issues that are preventing the release. The script is 100% translated and edited.

When will it be out?

I have no idea. There are not as many people contributing to the project as compared to the days when we were working on Disc 1, in fact, I think it’s mostly just me along with some volunteer help with things that I can’t manage. I’ve had trouble looking for technical help to create the patch as well as fix the bugs associated with patch creation, but I think I have a new volunteer now that should be able to finally achieve the goal of a 100% working patch.

Why are there no more status updates?

Due to many circumstances, giving concrete release dates are just not possible, as I have personally experienced for the past few years (e.g. volunteers dropping out, IRL priorities taking over, etc). That’s a major reason why I have stopped updating the website as well as refusing to give any release dates because let’s face it, there’s more negativity associated with missing a release date and making false promises. As much as some people just want a date, I felt it was doing more harm than good, along with negativity associated with how people are trying to guilt trip me for taking so long in providing a free translation patch.

What happened to this website? I noticed the comments are gone??

I felt there wasn’t much to say in terms of providing status updates as well as posts, which is why I created a twitter account for the translation project (RinjinbuTL on Twitter).

As for the comments going missing, I suspect it is due to a WordPress plugin update that might’ve removed some stuff (wordpress comments are now phased out due to disqus), but I don’t know for sure. The strange thing is that the comments are still visible on my administration panel, so I might have to make some tweaks to restore everything back.

Are you going to update the website in the future?

The next post should hopefully be the patch release. That said since I am aiming for that goal in mind, I will not be responding to any comments here. Please contact me on Twitter if you need to tell me something.

The Disc 1 patch doesn’t work on Windows 10!

There were some unforeseen issues with regards to one of the executable files (mkisofs) being incompatible when run in Windows 10, leading to many instances been duplicated. However, I have updated the download links with an updated copy of miksofs.

Media Go has stopped being supported by Sony!

This is in reference to the guide to purchase a legal digital copy of Oreimo PSP, as well as converting it to an ISO file. Unfortunately, Sony has stopped support of Media Go.

Special thanks to a commenter Eugene who has provided an alternate method to obtain the pkg files.

Media Go is no longer supported by Sony but you can still download .pkg files via your account page (account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com). Go to コンテンツ tab and click to DISC1 or DISC2 entry, then ダウンロード to download a .xpd file. Open it with a text editor of your choice and copy a link to the .pkg file from [FILE] entry.

Where can I contact you about stuff?

As always, I’m available on Twitter as @dizzy_ziddy

If you want to filter out all my personal nonsense, you can follow @RinjinbuTL

Closing Thoughts

A huge thank you to the hardworking volunteers who have helped out the project in some way, as well as the patient fans who have been waiting for this release. I feel really bad for not being able to release this sooner, but please know that I’m trying my absolute best to get this working before I can release it.

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Hey dude! thank you very much for your hard work! I’ve been expectantly waiting for the disc 2 since I’ve known about you fully translating disc 1! and I really appreciate you making all this effort throughout the years!

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